Having trouble fitting your practice into your busy schedule?

Posted Sep 23, 2011

Life is busy, hard work, and it never seems to slow down....at least that's our experience. Kathy spends her time raising young boys, mentoring our daughter in college in NYC, taking care of the home and garden, teaching yoga several times per week, and of course running Ride the Breath. For my part, I have a full time job as a software sales manager with SAS where I travel out of town at least 1 week per month, help to raise the boys, teach yoga classes, etc.

The above information isn't news to most of our students; and of course they have their own extremely hectic and demanding schedules. However, many of our students have a hard time maintaining a consistent yoga practice; and they often ask how we find the time to "fit in" our typical 5-6 day per week self practice schedule?

The simple answer is that Kathy and I don't try to "fit" our yoga practice into our daily schedule. We believe that our lives "come out of" our yoga practice. With this mindset, it is not a question of if we'll practice....we practice consistently because we know that the process is making us better human beings. We are gradually (very gradually) becoming more mindful, open, and loving. That is the whole point of the process.

We have faith that the method is "working us", and when we look back over time, we can see that it is true. We are slowly changing and moving toward ever expanding awareness; however, the "tough realization" is that it is unlikely to happen by just talking about yoga. Its daily benefits will manifest only from daily practice. We both know that the above is easy to say, but difficult to do. Life is full of distractions, temptations, and seemingly valid reasons not to practice on any given day. It is a constant "battle" for us to keep those demons at bay and make sure we "pay ourselves first", before we succumb to the daily grind. That is one of the primary reasons we practice early in the morning....it is the one time of day, when distractions and interruptions are unlikely to interfere. If we skip morning practice and tell ourselves we'll do it after work, it almost never happens. Too many things get in the way. In addition, the practice of getting up early in the morning is a practice unto itself. It is not easy for us either....we just commit to doing it each night before we go to sleep.

A large part of yoga practice is simply working to strengthen your WILL and resolve; and the first step is to get on your mat. Even if you can only manage 20-30 minutes, it is a small victory; and if you can string together many small victories, you'll soon find that maintaining a daily self-practice becomes part of who you are, and more importantly who you are becoming.....

Make a resolution today to have your life arise and spring forth from your daily yoga practice. You won't regret it......

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