Updated, 7-15-13

1) We are very excited to announce that John Churchill, long-time student of Dan Brown ( is coming back to Ride the Breath to provide a repeat offering of the introductory Indo-Tibetan meditation workshop on the Pointing Out Way, October 18th-20th!!. The workshop will cover techniques for deep concentration as well as the beginnings of insight-emptiness practice into the self and phenomena. We can't recommend this highly enough, as John is our meditation teacher; and he is fantastic. Please join us on this profound road to awakening! Details can be found on our workshop page.

2) David Keil ( will be back here in September to offer 5-days of mysore-style classes, as well as a hands-on asana adjustment workshop. David's recently released instructional DVD on adjustments is catching fire. Don't miss the chance to study with him directly!

3) Michael Stone ( is coming to Durham in January 2014! Visit our workshop page for details. If you are interested in how traditional Buddhist vipassana meditation can be combined with Ashtanga yoga, then this workshop is not to be missed.