“What is your intention?” This is a question you will often hear us ask students before they practice. It matters. Setting an intention before practice requires self study. What are my weaknesses, what are my strengths? Am I trying to look like someone I saw on social media, or am I tuned into my experience as it is right now? How is my breath? Is it smooth, polished and rhythmic? Am I linking the breath to the movement so it can energize the vinyasa? Do I aspire to have a daily practice even if it is only 15 minutes long? The practice is good for one day.

Take time each day to get quiet, check in with your body and mind; and begin again.

There is a profound but simple teaching that says “we become that on which we reflect and meditate”.

In short, our highest Aspirations and deepest Intentions are the lens through which we clearly see and navigate our journeys of discovery and awakening. They are the “seeds” that catalyze our growth and expansion as Human Beings. As such, it is of the utmost importance that we consciously and carefully choose inclusive and powerful seeds; and then lovingly cultivate them through daily practice.