Evolutionary Astrology is a breakthrough method developed by our teacher, Steven Forrest and is far from the antiquated traditions of astrology designed to predict our future or tell us our fortune.

The method is based on two primary assumptions:

  • We all have an evolutionary intention to grow and express our unique gifts in this life for the benefit of others.
  • We come into this life with a conditioned imprint of limiting beliefs and perspectives which obscure and prevent the full flowering of our potential.

Put simply, this is the cycle of habitual conditioned existence, also known as samsara.

Evolutionary Astrology illuminates these patterns of conditioning and provides a detailed and deeply nuanced psychological map to skillfully and successfully navigate this territory.

Birth Chart

Each of us has a unique Birth Chart, a map that displays a snapshot of our energetic imprint at the time of our birth based on the position of the planets in the solar system.

This map is deeply psychological and spans our entire lifetime.

It describes who we are and who we can become; the types of situations we enjoy and attract, as well as those we avoid and repel in all aspects of our lives, e.g., Home, Career, Study, Play, Spirituality, Partnerships, and Intimacy.

A deep knowledge of our Birth Chart helps us navigate a life of our greatest joy and fulfillment, with the minimum amount of pain and suffering.

Transits and Progressions

The Birth Chart displays a snapshot of the solar system at a point in time. But of course, the planets keep moving through the sky; and as they do, they interact with our Birthchart to provide the catalyzing energy for various life stages and situations.

This movement of the planets through the sky are known as Transits and Progessions.

They provide a focused 1-3 year window of key areas within our lives that will be impacted; and thus, help us prepare for the transformations to come. Some are difficult and painful, and some are pleasant and easy; but come they will, and it is better to be prepared then unaware.

Receiving a Reading

A Birthchart reading is a 1.5 to 2 hour session to discuss, illuminate, and unlock the mysteries of our Birthchart by establishing the overarching themes, psychological conditioning, and unique evolutionary intention of our lifetimes.

It provides powerful and profound guidance which is simply invaluable in navigating the myriad challenges and opportunities that life presents.

A Transits and Progressions reading is a deep dive into the current 1 to 3 year window of our lives, and how the movements of the planets are interacting with our Birth Chart. This provides necessary foresight and preparation for the upcoming transformational events and circumstances.

All readings are recorded for future reference and listening.

Price for Reading: $200

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