Current Class Schedule

We are currently on hiatus and will update this page in a few months.

Practice well, Fran and Kathy

Class Prices

3 class pass for first time students: $30 (has to be used in 3 weeks)

5 class pass: $75 (good for 3 months)

10 class pass: $140 (good for 3 months)

Month long unlimited: $130 (allows for unlimited self practice at RTB M, W, Th & F 7-11 am)

20% discount for students

“Each time I step on my mat at Ride the Breath, it feels like a sacred event. The beautiful space and the wonderful community makes my practices so special and unique.”

— Dalia Gheiler

Class Descriptions

Guided Vinyasa classes are led by Kathy. The sequences she teaches are either Moon, Lion or Fundamental Synthesis 1 (FS1). Mastering the breathing system is always the first priority, regardless of the sequence being practiced.

  • Moon Sequence is a quiet, yet deep, flowing sequence that strengthens and increases circulation in the legs and the hips. It gives the student a nice break from chaturanga dandasana and has a beautiful rhythm which cultivates a meditative state.
  • Lion Sequence is a modern backbending sequence that strengthens the back and front bodies; as well as the muscles and connective tissue of the pelvic bowl and sacrum areas. It is playful and can be practiced in a yin style or with more fire.
  • FS1 is a flowing sequence that offers a balanced combination of fundamental asana addressing all aspects of the body; including standing postures, balance postures, forward bends, twists, lunges, hip openers, backbending, shoulder openers, and core strength. It was originally developed as a sequence to support development and maintenance of stable handstanding practice. The FS1 sequence also includes several varied and energetic breathing techniques to cultivate and strengthen internal energy flow and brightness of Mind.

Guided Self Practice is a self guided class with a teacher. The student learns the sequence by memory by following another student or being taught individually. It is the ideal class as the student has the opportunity for developing personal practice at their own pace while in a supportive group setting.

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

Upcoming events at Ride the Breath will be posted here.