Pranayama is a corpus of breathing practices which are designed to increase and enhance our awareness of the Natural Flow of Energy within our Body-Minds. We purposely manipulate and direct our breathing patterns via physical and mental methods in accordance with our Aspirations and Intentions. The result is an increase in the energy levels and health of our overall Body-Mind; along with clarity, vitality, and the knowing of the Subtle Body.

Prana, Ki, and Chi

Prana, Ki, and Chi, are words which all describe the Life Force of Reality. They are known as the “subtle winds” which flow through our Body-Minds as an inseparable aspect of Nature Itself. As a useful metaphor, the Prana is the Horse and the Mind is the Rider. Without mindfulness, the Prana moves much like a wild, uncontrolled horse. However, it becomes a powerful positive force in our lives when tamed and directed by the Mind.

The Course and Subtle Body

The Coarse Body is our physical body; and the Subtle Body is the foundational energetic flow patterns out of which the physical body manifests. A healthy Subtle Body produces a healthy Coarse Body and vice versa. When our internal energy flow is blocked or stagnant, a variety of physical and mental ailments manifest. Conversely, when our natural energy flow is strong, fluid, and unimpeded, we experience a light, bright, and healthy Body-Mind.

“The spirit that resides at Ride the Breath inspires curiosity for expanding a practice and developing new practices.  Kathy and Fran teach by example.”

— Peggy Manring