We are humbled and grateful for our present teachers who are clearly awake; and on the path to fully realizing and manifesting our unbounded potential of Pure Being. Over the past 30+ years, we’ve met and interacted with many influential teachers and spiritual friends on the path, and everything has led us to Right Here, Right Now. Below you will find a list of masters and teachers who have been fundamental in our own journey of awakening and links to various places to study and retreat.


Meher Baba — www.mehercenter.org
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche — www.serenityridge.ligmincha.org
3 Doors Academy — www.the3doors.org
John Churchill — www.samadhiintegral.com
Dan Brown — www.pointingoutway.org
Rahob Rinpoche — www.rahob.org


Matthew Sweeney — www.yogatemple.com
David Swenson — www.ashtanga.net
Annie Pace —  www.anniepace.com
John Schumacher — www.unitywoods.com


Steven Forrest — www.forrestastrology.com
Tony Howard — www.theastrologycoach.com
Stephanie Austin — www.ecoastrology.com

Spiritual Friends on the Path

David Keil — www.yogaanatomy.com
Gretchen Suarez — www.gretchensuarez.com
David Solow — www.davidsolow.com
Lisa Werness — www.embodiednow.com
Mindy Spadacenta — www.pranastream.co