10,000 hours; that is the generally accepted amount of practice time required to gain a level of mastery in a chosen area of study; whether it be painting, playing the violin, yoga asana, sitting meditation, learning mathematical modeling, folding laundry, astrological readings, playing golf, computer programming; or becoming a neurologist. That said, pursuing the Path of Mastery is the highest aspiration of a student. It is the transformational journey resulting from intimate and continuous exploration and discovery of the subject matter; to the point where it becomes part of our daily Being. We can truly say “We Know It By Heart”.

To put this in perspective, practicing for two hours Every Day of the year, means it will take more than 13 years to gain a level of mastery in something we love. That is both a Long Time and a Big Commitment. Given the time and resources required, each of us can only realistically master a few practices in our lifetimes.

That means the choice of what to master is extremely important.

Given the diversity and variety of topics and subjects available to Human Beings, the possibilities of what to practice and where to start can be overwhelming. However, the good news is that there is one area of practice that Every Human Being should master, and that area is Our Own Body-Mind.

All of our subjective experience; thoughts, feelings, sensations, sights, sounds, pleasure, pain, joy, and sorrow are within the field of the Body-Mind. It is primary and foundational in all aspects of Living. Mastery of the Body-Mind is The Path to Limitless Freedom, Happiness, and Joy; producing a Life that is Full of Meaning, Mystery, Gratitude, and Love Divine. Let’s do this together.