A Meditation for the Heart

Here is a simple and powerful meditation to open and balance the energetic field of the heart. We do this by mindfully breathing through the Heart Center in six different directions, with aspiration and clear intention. The framework of this meditation was given by our teacher, John Churchill, and we bow with deepest gratitude. It is a beautiful way to start your day, and can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Give it a try, and May it Benefit All Beings!

1) Sitting upright with eyes closed, rest and release into the ground beneath you while gently lengthening through the crown of the head. Aligning with the sweet spot of Gravity in a place of effortless-effort, allow the mind to calm and settle, and maintain awareness of resting, releasing, and lengthening. Stay here for a few minutes.

2) Simultaneously direct awareness to the bodily sensations and natural rhythms of your breathing. Allow the breath to remain completely natural for several cycles of inhale and exhale; no effort to modify or control is necessary, even if the feeling is unpleasant or unfamiliar. Simply notice and feel. Rest here for 5-10 breaths.

3) Invite awareness to illuminate the Heart Center, deep in the chest, close to the spine. Not trying to fabricate or manipulate the experience, notice the sensations of the Heart Center — resting there with vivid clarity, and an attitude of loving kindness and curiosity. Whatever arises is already perfect as it is — there is nothing to do. Joy, sadness, happiness, anger, or any other emotion is welcome here. Be with what’s happening, neither moving toward nor away from sensation.

4) Consciously breathe through the Heart Center for several cycles, staying with each breath. Now utilize your imagination and invite warmth and love within the heart. Go further still, and imagine the Heart Center as a brilliant, radiant Sun; shining in every direction, and equally on all Beings. Stay here for a few minutes.

5) Bringing your attention to the back side of your body, imagine Time stretching way, way, back into the deep past; thousands and thousands of years ago, encompassing innumerable generations. With your Heart Center,  inhale and invite the loving, generous, and limitless support and wisdom of all past masters, teachers, and ancestors that are here Right Now. Recognize and acknowledge their collective pain, suffering and trauma endured for our benefit. You rest on their shoulders and literally owe them everything. Exhale deep gratitude and love. Repeat for 3-5 breaths.

6) From the Heart Center reach forward, far, far into the future. Inhale and receive a Clear Light Vision from future teachers, masters, and generations of a world in which everything is known as sacred. A future where you are a mindful, loving, and active steward of this beautiful planet, and all of the Beings, cultures, and societies that inhabit it. Allow the Vision to settle into your heart and be your guide. Exhale deep gratitude and love. Repeat for 3-5 breaths.

7) Now inhale into the Heart Center through both sides of your chest; reaching out in this Present Moment as if your arms can encompass the whole planet. You do not have to feel and act as if society’s problems are too big to solve. As the embodied intersection of Past and Future, set the intention to lovingly hold and support this amazing planet and every being on it in full embrace. Simultaneously commit to express your unique and unlimited potential, as well as hold and support the power of the community. Exhale feelings of Love and Peace to the Now. Repeat for 3-5 Breaths.

8) Bringing awareness to the crown of the head, inhale into the Heart Center through the Crown Chakra; inviting the Wisdom of Openness and Interconnection to fill your Heart like an expansive blue sky; wide open and receptive to  all intrinsic possibilities of your True Nature. Exhaling through the Crown Chakra, rest in the Knowing Openness of the Clear Sky. Repeat for 3-5 Breaths.

9) With awareness resting in your pelvic bowl at the secret chakra, inhale through the Heart Center and draw in the Compassion of Spontaneous and Skillful Action. Recognize that your own Realization of Divine Wisdom is not enough; you must bring it lovingly, openly, spontaneously, and courageously into the world;  fulfilling your innate potential as a Human Being. Exhale from the Heart Center down through the pelvic bowl; releasing all desire for preconceived outcomes — fully trusting the magical manifestation of synchronicity in your life. Repeat for 3-5 Breaths.

10) Inhale into the Heart Center through all directions simultaneously; increasing the brilliance and loving effect of your Heart that Knows the support and stability of the Past, Receives the Clear Vision from the Future, Mindfully holds and embraces the Present; Recognizes the Wisdom of Openness, and acts with Spontaneous Compassion to benefit others.  Exhale in all directions and Rest in Balanced Completeness. Repeat for 3-5 Breaths.




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