Are you aligned with Gravity?

There are many everyday miracles and mysteries in our lives that are so “ordinary”, we take them for granted and fail to notice and appreciate them. One of these is the force of Gravity. It is working on us every moment of every day, throughout every cell of our body, sometimes gently, and sometimes not so gently. Always calling us to pay attention, align, and experience the ever present stability and humility of the ground on which we stand. It is an utterly familiar and yet mysterious force in our lives, constantly asking us one simple question — are we aware, aligned, and attuned? It has so much to teach us if we’ll only pause, feel, and explore.

Just like our ever present breathing, Gravity is with us constantly; making it an excellent support in developing mindful awareness in literally all that we do. Every activity is on the table, be it meditation, yoga, swimming, running, walking, hiking, dancing, sleeping — all of it.

Gravity is our ever present companion, calling us to find the sweet spot of alignment — a place of effortless effort, an open doorway to explore our most profound Self.

But what if we don’t pay attention to Gravity in a consistently mindful way? What are the likely effects in our lives? Quite simply, we find ourselves frequently losing our balance. We metaphorically, and some times literally, start to stumble and fall in various life situations. We feel off-balance, uncomfortable, and ungrounded — and the result is that moments of fear, uncertainty, and anxiety begin to multiply.

Mindless of Gravity we fail to recognize and embody the grounded stability and openness that is Always Supporting our direct experience.

Thus, we begin to lose trust and confidence in our relationship with what’s happening in our lives. But the good news is that we can take a different path. Through consistent reflection and contemplation, Gravity reveals itself as a source of mystery, awe, and wonder.

It has some very mysterious properties, one of which is that Time itself slows down as the force of Gravity increases. Going even further on the profundity scale, Meher Baba, one of the great enlightened masters of the modern age, said that the force of Gravity is a dim reflection of Love in the physical world — the force of attraction, affinity, and cohesion.

We know that physicists postulate the origin of the universe occurred via the Big Bang. But if we look closer, a primary assumption within this theory is that the entire universe sprang forth from a singularity, a single point occupying no spatial dimension, with infinite mass and density. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty difficult to wrap my head around; but one of the attributes of this singularity would be an infinite force of Gravity; meaning time stands still — The Eternal Now; and back to Meher Baba’s assertion, a source of Infinite Love. The universe burst into existence from a dimensionless realm of infinite LOVE. That statement really resonates with me — it feels like TRUTH.

But just feeling like truth may not be enough evidence for us, and the good news is that we can explore this directly and see what happens in our direct experience.

We can cultivate a perspective through daily practice where we mindfully align with Gravity over and over throughout our day, and rest and release into the ground beneath us.

In doing this simple meditation we are activating a much larger energetic system. Right Here, Right Now, by connecting through Gravity to the center of Mother Earth, we are simultaneously connecting to the the center of the Moon, and the Sun; and then to all the other planets in the solar system, and even the Black Hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy — literally interconnected, grounded, and supported by our Galaxy.

We can also joyfully play with Gravity through movement modalities such as dance, yoga, and martial arts; where we align to explore balance, fluidity, power, and grace.

Feeling the pull of Gravity within every cell of our body, and the stability of the Ground on which we play, we can open our hearts, trust the intelligence of the body, and confidently release into the Boundless Love that is patiently waiting for us to take notice.

Lucky for us that Gravity provides constant reminders. Try it yourself and set a strong intention and aspiration to connect and align with Gravity numerous times throughout your day. I promise you won’t regret it.

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