Cultivating Gratefulness

All it takes is a strong aspiration and clear intention to remember, over and over, throughout our day.

To remember what?

To be deeply grateful for Everything that is supporting us Right Now. It can start simply when we wake in the morning; just giving thanks for the gift of another day; and the family, friends and loved ones that have helped to shape who we are as Human Beings. Or maybe we recognize at breakfast that all of our healthy food has been produced by others and made conveniently available for our benefit. On the drive to work, we simply notice the amazing transportation machines that carry us along; car, bus, train, plane. Or the roads and infrastructure that we travel on; that have been built and maintained by so many people.

We can examine and reflect on ourselves, and marvel at the miracle of our unique body-mind. Being deeply grateful for our health and general well-being; each sacred breath we take, the beating of our heart, and the tenderness of touch. And of course we can reflect on Nature Itself, and generate deep gratitude for this amazing planet we call Earth; its Clear Sky, Beautiful Mountains, Vast Oceans; sublime beauty, emerald forests, and incredible diversity of living beings.

We can also turn our attention to the tremendous number of human beings struggling and suffering every day. More than 3 Billion people on Planet Earth live on less than $2.50 per day; and some 750 Million do not have enough to eat or access to clean water. By contrast, our western standard of living is equivalent to how royalty lived only a short time ago. These are things we take for granted, and seldom notice. Choose to be grateful for our fortunate circumstances in life.

In fact, the choices are almost endless. At any moment throughout our day we can simply remember to be Deeply Grateful for each unique gift that supports our Journey of Becoming.

The daily practice of Gratefulness is profoundly transformative and has potent benefits.

For one, it brings us into the Eternal NOW; as it is impossible to feel genuine gratitude and not be in the present moment. In addition, feeling deeply grateful dispels and metabolizes the fear in our lives.

As we continue the practice, we’ll begin to realize that the universe is supporting us in this endeavor. The entire Cosmos is accomplishing Itself every moment; naturally, without any effort. The Spacious Ground of Being providing us with the gift of every moment; and the opportunity to recognize our own unique expression of this deep mystery. Once we KNOW, then it becomes obvious that we have a responsibility to spread gratitude and kindness to each other, and to all Beings we encounter on this planet.

All it takes is a heart-felt desire to remember; to give deep thanks for Being Itself. We encourage everyone to feel deeply grateful, every day.

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