Uniqueness, A Gift of Reality

I remember when the mystery of uniqueness really hit me profoundly and deeply. I was outside, enjoying a beautiful snowfall, experiencing the wonder of millions and millions of perfect snowflakes falling from the sky and lightly kissing the ground.  As I took in the scene, it dawned on me that every snowflake that has ever fallen has been a unique expression of Nature, and none of them have ever been separate from the open sky.

Uniqueness or individuality does not mean separateness.

This is a powerful insight to bring into our daily lives. We can look at our own bodies and see it clearly. Our fingers are unique, so are our toes, and ears, and eyes, and legs, and feet, and so on and so on; however, none of them are separate from our body. In fact, each of our 34 trillion cells are uniquely differentiated, and yet there is no separateness.

The Big Disconnect

When we fail to recognize and embody this truth, we experience ourselves as separate from others, as well as from our direct experience of Nature Itself. We construct and defend artificial boundaries which are not there, resulting in untold dissatisfaction, discontent, pain, and suffering in our lives and the lives of others.

But the good news is that we don’t have to continue with this limiting perspective.

We can keep going with our exploration, and allow the wonder and mystery to expand so that we begin to glimpse our innate perfection and wholeness. We look deeply and recognize that every flower, blade of grass, leaf on a tree, grain of sand on a beach, cloud in the sky, post on Facebook, pixel on your smart phone, laptop or TV screen, and every Human Being…is a unique expression of All That Is, and we are separated from None of It.

Consistent reflection on this truth reinforces the knowing of wholeness; that no one is separate from any other. We are all part of the same Field of Being, intimately interconnected,  sharing the miracle of being alive.

If we inquire further, we’ll find that Relative Reality itself provides us with this gift. Everything appearing in this universe is in a unique relationship with everything else. That means Each of Us has a completely unique experience of wholeness in every moment.  All we need to do is Let Go and allow this truth to flow through us and naturally manifest our highest unique potential. Then we can share it freely  and openly with others in this wondrous experience we call Life.

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