Remember The Wisdom

The journey of awakening to our full potential requires that we embrace The Wisdom. What is the The Wisdom? It is the simple Truth of Openness. The Field of Loving Being is Openness Itself. Everything is Open to everything else. There are no closed systems — only Open Wholeness, interconnected and arising interdependently  — all processes nested within other processes. Nothing has separate independent existence.

This Truth in undeniable, and we can easily see this within ourselves. The cells in our body are processes that are open to organs, which are open to organ systems, which are open to the body, which is open to the earth, which is open to the solar system, and so on, and so on. Our sense organs perceive when they are Open. Openness perceiving more Openness. The Universe is existing within the Openness of Space; and it is arising all at once, in every moment — interconnected and interdependently.

When we recognize this profound Truth and see through the illusion of separateness, literally everything changes in our lives.  The direct knowing of  Interconnected Wholeness obliterates the veil of duality. We recognize that Reality is Non-Dual, without boundaries, an ocean of Open Love — and we are that Ocean. There is no boundary or separateness between us and what we are experiencing in our lives.

We find ourselves intimately embracing Reality with a sense of profound Love and Gratitude. Our entire stream of experience becomes Sacred World; and when all of Reality is perceived as Sacred every moment we Live is a Divine Gift. Our behavior and actions in the world are naturally loving and compassionate because we Know everything is intimately interconnected.  Our family, friends, loved ones, and strangers, are reflections of ourselves. The Earth is the Divine Mother herself, and Nature is speaking to us every moment — wondrous, mysterious and Open.

May we all Remember the Wisdom and share it with others to benefit All Beings.


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