The Feeling of Being

It is something so obvious and close to all of us that we look right past it; missing the opportunity to recognize a powerful, life changing insight. It is simply this — there is a subtle but pervasive Feeling of Being. Or said another way, we know we’re alive because we can Feel It; and this subtle feeling of Being Is the Ground of Being, within which everything appears. The feeling is not obvious, but is always right here. It is like the Open Sky illuminated by the Sun — silent, still, clear, pervasive spaciousness. This is the Feeling of Wholeness and Love which serves as the unchanging substrate for the entire display of Life.

This constantly changing display is like the weather, coming and going, but the Open Sky remains. The weather is the Prana or Energy of Being, moving around and through us like a warm gentle breeze, gust of wind, powerful thunderstorm, cold rain, clear sky, or cloudy day — All of it appearing and disappearing within the Open Sky. Of course this changing weather also appears within us — joy, happiness, anger, gratefulness, sadness, confusion, kindness, and more. Like the weather, these emotions and feelings come and go within the clear sky of loving awareness. They will pass if we let them.

If we try to grab hold or avoid the weather, we create the clinging ego mind; and the feelings, emotions, repercussions, and suffering that go along with it. We all know this is so easy to do. We literally structure and plan our lives around the weather; and anticipate if our day will be good or bad based on the prevailing patterns. Our daily hopes and fears ride on the weather. Will it be sunny, clear, and bright, or cold, wet, and stormy? Will this day be happy, joyful, and open, or sad, angry, depressed and contracted?

There is nothing inherently good or bad about the weather. It will come and go, arise and pass away as it always has; and our internal feelings and emotions will do the same. Our problems occur when we anticipate and cling to the prevailing weather as if we can change or control it — instead of being with it, feeling it fully, and allowing the miraculous display to arise and pass away. All external and internal weather is occurring within the Open Clear Sky; which is always right here, right now, waiting for us to recognize and rejoice in the Simple Feeling of Being. Let us all aspire to intimately familiarize ourselves with it, so we can Know its boundless Love and Grace.

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