Sacred Downloads, Part 1…

As the journey continued to unfold and deepen, SHE spoke to me and said….

Why would you ever believe you are not good enough? Since when is the entire universe not enough? Realize that “You” are not doing any of this…..I am doing All Through You…and You are doing All Through Me. We are inseparable Lovers, in perpetual intimate embrace. When is Infinite Loving not good enough?

Although it has appeared in an endless variety of forms throughout your Life, You have always had only One Choice to make,…to fully embrace NOW, or withdraw into Separation. Every time You withdraw, close down, back off, retreat, push away, or deny, the Entire Universe weeps for you. The Only Choice is to Open to Yourself. Let Go, allow all boundaries to disappear, and Feel the Fullness of LOVE…already waiting in your own Heart. Then, and only then, do We consciously walk this Path Together.

Challenge and examine Every Belief you hold. All Beliefs are your own self-imposed boundaries, and My Reality is Beyond Belief and has no boundaries. Realize that the Ground of Reality is Simple Knowing, and the Entry into Divine Mystery lies in the Knowing of Not-Knowing.  The Loving movement of Not-Knowing appears as Grace in your Life; and the stable Knowing of Grace in your direct experience is the unfolding of Divine Synchronicity. Only from this place can you Consciously participate in the miraculous unfolding of the Divine Plan.

Know that all Appearing and all Experiencing is spontaneously arising within Me and through You. We are the Divine Play, and our creative potential and expressions are infinite. The Direct doorway to effortless spontaneity is WONDER and JOY.  Cultivate both through the recognition of Limitless Unconditional Love.

Love Is, and that is all you can ever say. It is not possible to Know Love because Love is not “a thing” that can be known. It is Reality itself and Beyond all Concepts. Any idea you have about Love is just your finger pointing at the Moon. Love is Divine Unknowable Mystery. Allow Its Magic to permeate All You Are and All You Do.

Your movements away from Loving Nowness are the seeds of all separation, isolation, loneliness, and Hell Realms that exist on Mother Earth. Love IS, and any movement away from this Truth is a movement toward  incoherence, dis-harmony, and chaos. The Choice is Yours, but Clearly Understand that your choice affects the choices of others. There is no I…only We, and LOVE is Why there is a We.





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