The Great Revelation…

This Reality is without a name, we speak to it through our Hearts;

Taking refuge in what is happening Right Now, we Know Everything as the magical display of  Wholeness;

Awake in the Garden, All is Simple and Fresh,…the songs of wind chimes emerging from the Silence,

The breeze dancing through trees in the Ocean of Stillness,

The Light of Knowing playing in unbounded Spaciousness,

Silent, Still, Spacious Reality, revealing Itself to Itself by Itself,…How Wonderful;

Perceiving through open sense gates, the Universe breathing our bodies full of vibration, feeling, and thought,

Living Reality revealing Itself to us, through us, and as us,…Such a  Gift;

No where to go, nothing to seek, nothing to find, nothing to achieve,

This is the pathless path of non-doing….What Joyous Relief;

Receiving Ordinary Reality just as It is, and giving Everything in return,…Could it be more Simple?

We recognize the Truth of Nested Being and bow to the boundless multitude of Loving Relatives,….Sacred World is our Natural State;

A Knowing Universe completing Itself in every moment without any effort,

We gratefully receive the continuous flow of Loving Reality, and participate fully in the Open Invitation of the Great Revelation…

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