Surrender to Receive

With every passing year it becomes more obvious to me that manifesting our full potential is dependent on our ability to completely surrender. The Path of Self Love reveals itself in an instant when we surrender to what’s happening Right Now, and our Lives unfold through the Knowing of Presence — a sacred world of magical synchronicity. To surrender does not mean to give up. It is the conscious choice to Let Go and Allow ourselves to align with the Field of Being. We recognize the unnecessary time and energy wasted by continually protecting and defending our self-limiting beliefs and actions. Instead, we choose to Trust the Flow of Intelligent Love, and Let Go of the illusion of controlling the moment-by-moment happenings of our lives.

When we completely surrender, we choose to Live in Mystery.

We allow this Mystery to unfold through us and for us — our individual and collective growth guided by Love Itself. In fact, our Growth as kind and compassionate human beings is dependent on our ability to surrender. When we defend and protect our beliefs, identity, and boundaries, we filter and prevent the clear reception and integration of Divine Truth. In other words, clearly Perceiving and Receiving  is directly dependent on the degree to which we can surrender, Let Go, and Allow.

Although this sounds simple in theory, we all know it is not easy in practice. To surrender in each moment, we need to recognize and examine our self-limiting beliefs, identify areas in our lives where our inner “control freak” is operating, and aspects of our Lives that we just wish were “better”. We openly and honestly assess where we feel inadequate, a sense of lack, or just not good enough. Conversely, we also identify the positive and supporting elements of our lives where we are consistently Open and Receptive e.g., Loving, Joyful,  Kind, Compassionate, Grateful, and Free. This is where we are already surrendering to the Greater Good.

We can utilize our practice(s) as fertile ground for this exploration. If we honestly inquire we’ll see that the elements described above already exist in our practice(s) as well — nestled into the structure(s). Whether it is Yoga asana, concentration, meditation,  music, cooking, running, etc., we’ll find many examples where we are trying to get somewhere “better”,   striving for perfection, feeling stale, stuck, or inadequate and not good enough. This is where we need to surrender to our practice, and allow the Truth to shine through and guide our journeys. We Open, Allow, and Receive the medicine from the Loving Field of Being, and Trust that what we need is being provided. Over time we’ll realize that the more we surrender in our practice(s) and our daily lives, the more we grow in Love.

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