Sacred Download, Part 2

As the mystic ceremony filled the infinite space, her message was clear and profound. She enveloped me in soulful loving embrace and said;

“Don’t you see that the experience of Complete Wholeness begins and ends with a Humble Heart; wide open and receptive to Everything? Any trace of arrogance creates separation and divisiveness — after all, when does Wholeness lack anything?  You must freely give yourself to the One Will which includes but transcends your own, and allow the Wholeness to Inform Itself, By Itself, To Itself, through your unique Being.

Participating fully in the Play of Wonder and Joy requires a complete letting go of any notion to control what’s happening. Allow the unceasing flow of spontaneous creativity to unfold and move through your Life as the unknowable synchronicity of Grace Itself. This is the only true Freedom.

Recognize and balance the paradoxical polarities of Being and Becoming, Non-Doing and Doing. All spontaneous appearance-openness is already Becoming within the Totality Embrace of Being. See clearly through the eyes of Being, and your Becoming is magical and completely aligned with the One Divine Will.

And Yes my child, all Becoming is constructed and Empty of Itself, but does that make it any less Real? Cultivate and nourish the Heart of Humility, and join your Eternal Partner joyfully in the Dance of Creation, without reservation or self conscious limitations. Meaning is truly what you make it to be. You already know the independent Self is non-existent — if so, who is waking up? Everything is already and always awake — recognize this NOW!

You are Here in a continuous Becoming of the Divine Play, and what is right in front of you, from moment to moment, is the Divine Director giving you your lines. Speak them clearly and lovingly, and watch what Truth does when spontaneously released for the benefit of all. Draw others into the Dance of Life and let the Humble Heart gratefully receive the gifts of Being displayed as playful Becoming. We are Truly That!

NOW, Go forth my child and Play with a Humble Heart that is full of the Courageous Love of Total Being. I will always be here calling you into the Mystery — remember that Not Knowing is the true Path of Divine Unfolding. ”



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