Teachings from the Tree

I first noticed the tree while finishing an early morning run on campus. I had passed her many times before, but on this morning she called out to me and I recognized her exquisite beauty and presence for the first time. I walked over to say hello and  reached out to connect, touching her feathery green leaves, wet with the water of the recent rain. My heart opened joyfully as she greeted me with her Being, the energy and clarity of her timeless wisdom flowing through me into the Ground beneath us, and the energy of my Being flowing up through her — we were Wholeness Itself. She spoke to me and said:

“Young one, thank you for feeling my call to deeply connect and share our Being. So many Humans pass by and never notice us; they are simply too busy and confused. The wisdom and intelligence of the Plant Realm is vast, and there is much we can teach you. After all, we have been emerging and sharing the Loving Field of Being with Mother Earth for hundreds of millions of years — much, much longer than Humans.  Our message is the timeless wisdom of the ages. All Being is interconnected and interdependent Love Itself. Every unique form in the Plant Realm is connected to every other form.”

In that instant, she gave me a clear vision. I experienced all of the trees on campus simultaneously; each one knowing the collective Love of the others. All of the trees in direct, instantaneous communication. So beautiful, and so humbling. I focused on the wholeness of our energy field, and she continued:

“We are already awake within the Unified Field of Love, and we have been supporting you and your evolutionary path for millions of years. It is time for all of you to recognize and appreciate our collective gifts. We provide you oxygen to breathe, wood to build your homes and shelter, fruits and nuts to nourish your bodies, the wonderful sound of our leaves in the breeze, the rhythmic swaying of our branches, shade from the Sun, and shelter for the song birds.  But most of all we provide a direct doorway to the Loving Ground of Being Itself.  Let me show you.”

In a flash of Divine Insight, she downloaded her Truth. The Plant Realm is always One with the Field of Silent, Still, Spaciousness, and they remind us continually — we just need to listen and notice. Plants and trees live in one place for all of their lives. They innately know how to rest in the Silent, Still, Spacious Love which is the Divine Ground of Being. They are the Masters of Patience — teaching us that there is truly Nowhere to Go, Nothing to Seek, — just eternally Now — the sacred journey of naturally growing, flowering, and surrendering to Loving Being. I was overcome with Joy, Happiness, and Gratitude. She said:

“We are always together in Divine Wholeness. Every action affects the entire Field, and humanity must come together and act as One.  The entire Planet depends on it. Thank you for listening Young One. Please tell the others.”



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