Just Say YES…

Say YES to the Infinite Field of Being. Let us open our Minds and Hearts to the unstoppable flow of Love and the mysterious movement of Divine Grace,

Say Yes to the interconnected and interdependent wholeness of Reality, and it’s unborn limitless Nature, beckoning us to dive deep and explore the simple teachings of the NOW,

Say Yes to every Moment of Sublime Awareness, given to us freely and continuously without any expectation or conditions, — simply abide in the Knowing Clear Light,

Say Yes to the everyday Wonders of Mother Earth, her sacred Beauty and Bounty continuously revealed through Her ceaseless display, — feel the gratitude that arises for the simple miracles in every grain of sand, flower, and blade of grass,

Say Yes to the miracle of Kindness in our speech and deeds, each of us uttering words of comfort, connection, joy, love, friendship, and healing to our fellow Human Beings — allowing our actions of kindness to naturally manifest and flow from the authenticity of our spoken words,

Say Yes to open-hearted vulnerability, allowing our self-imposed boundaries and defenses to soften and release so we may connect with others in deep empathy and soulful embrace,

Say Yes to courageous engagement with the NOW, unleashing our inner spirit warrior to manifest Love, Peace, and Clear Understanding to the world — each of us a unique and valued messenger of Completeness and Perfection,

Say Yes to the Natural Balance of Being and Becoming, as we grow and flower our individual and collective potential — our wondrous open hearts shining brightly to illuminate all Beings while destroying confusion and delusion,

Say Yes to LOVE, Say Yes to KINDNESS, Say Yes to PEACE,

Say Yes to WONDER, Say Yes to HARMONY, Say Yes to BEAUTY,

Say Yes to BEING and BECOMING, Say YES to LIFE,

Just Say Yes….

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