The Earth is waiting for You…,

Waiting for you to willingly participate in the unfolding and enfolding of Being,
To participate fully and completely, without any preconceived conditions or expectations,

Waiting for you to recognize the Gift of every moment,
appearing freely and continuously,

Waiting for you to Know the Interconnected Nature of Being,
and dissolve the veil of separation,

Waiting for you to fill with unbounded gratitude,
and go forth with unlimited generosity of spirit,

Waiting for you to shed the shackles of Lack,
and allow the Knowing of Abundance to shine,

Waiting for you to Embody the Divine Mystery,
and allow the Songs of the Heart to play for all to hear,

Waiting for you to feel the suffering of confusion,
and to respond with boundless compassion,

Waiting for you to cry out in anguish for Her pain,
and to move courageously forward with a healing spirit,

The earth is waiting for you, and her infinite patience is surely the Divine Display,

What are You waiting for?

Let go and be her faithful Lover.