Dissolving the Doer…

Don’t we all want to live freely, fearlessly, and lovingly?  Each of us navigating this mysterious journey we call Life with our heart-mind open to wondrous possibility, dancing with Reality in spontaneous intimate embrace; and fiercely saying YES to every moment with an ocean of deep gratitude?  I don’t know about you, but definitely count me in.

The Big Question of course is what is stopping us? One response is No One and Nothing. But at the same time, another response is Everyone and Everything. To break through and Wake Up, we must see through these illusions and live from a perspective of complete wholeness, versus separate smallness. We need to clear up the perceptual distortion that we are  “Doers” acting out separate lives within Reality, i.e., that our “Doings” are somehow “making things happen” independently of what is Happening around us. This could not be further from the Truth.

We cannot separate our sense of unique individuality from the Happening which appears to be “outside” of us.

It is easy to recognize — a flower in a garden, a tree in the forest, a bird in the sky, a fish in the ocean, Mother Earth within our solar system, or the Milky Way Galaxy within the Universe. Everything is “nested” within the field of everything else; and it is literally Happening All at Once. The Universe is not a chain reaction; it is a Field of Wholeness, and we are all nested within it.

Once we recognize this truth, we can Know that Reality is not coming at us and happening to us. On the contrary, it is happening Through us and For us, with sublime Intelligence, Beauty, Abundance, Love, and Mystery. In fact, We Are this Field of Wholeness, and we can recognize and live our lives from this perspective, versus one of separate smallness and lack. We just need to illuminate the false Doer, and allow it to dissolve.

We can do this by simply sitting still and allowing our thoughts to settle and the mind to become calm. Then we can rest our minds on our breathing and the associated field of bodily sensation; allowing our awareness to investigate and find the boundary between our bodily sensation and the space outside of it. Where does our unique sense of self end, and our sense of not-self begin? If we look deeply, over and over, we’ll find there is no boundary.

There is No Separate Doer. What we are perceiving is simultaneously perceiving us, and what is perceiving us is what we are perceiving — Non Dual Sacred Wholeness.

We find that our bodies are completely Open to the surrounding space and Happening of awareness. We recognize and Know that we are both nested within, and arising from, this Sacred Reality. This Field of Wholeness has been Speaking to us, Feeling us, and Loving us all along — while patiently waiting for us to Wake Up and reciprocate. What a relief and Gift to know that the One Doer, The Field of Wholeness, is always Right Here supporting us. Now we can finally Relax, Let Go, and Surrender to the unfolding mystery of Self Love that we call Life. Our Hearts can Open like a Divine Sacred Flower and fulfill the boundless potential which is our True Nature.

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